Telementor Docs



Install Telementor

Login into your Admin Dashboard, once in go to Plugins > Add Plugin and search for Telementor. Download and Activate it.

That’s all.

Setting Up Telementor

Telementor is a third-parts Elementor Form Action that connect Elementor Form with Telegram, as you can send message to Channels and Users.

Before you can start to use telementor you need a working Telegram Bot and its Access Token.

With Access Token you have access to Telegram Bot API, and you can send messages using /SendMessage endpoint.

Bot can send messages to Group/Channels and Users.

Sending Message to Channel/Group

If your channel is public, the value of Send To is your channel tag: es @mycustom_bot.

If your channel is private, you need to set it up as public, then assign a channel tag. After this, send a message to the bot using you account, re – set channel as private and then use the channel tag selected before.

Sending message to User

If you want to send a message to users, we need to use a different approach.
Start sending a message to your bot using your telegram account. Now using a browser we need to navigate to this URL:

Copy this string, replace ACCESS_TOKEN with your telegram bot access token, paste into your browser url bar and press enter.


It’ll print out a json response and you need to search for id value. id is the identifier of the CHAT between the bot and you.

Telegram /getUpdates JSON Response and Chat ID
Telegram /getUpdates JSON Response and Chat ID

It could be positive and negative, in case it’s negative you have to copy mius ( – ) too.

Paste the ID value into Telementor Send To field.

Prepare the Message Template

Telementor Message works with static and dynamic messages. You can use this addons as simply notifier, lead notifier, support request and other things.

Static Message

Below and example that use a static message:

Using Telementor Action with a Static Message
Using Telementor Action with a Static Message

Dynamic Message

By using [field id=”field_id”] shortcode, you can grab data from submitted form fields.
For example, we have a form with name, email and message, by using telementor shortcode we can send a dynamic message to our telegram channel.
Dynamic message using [field id=
Dynamic message using [field id=””] shortcodes