e-Addons Hubspot

Connect and integrate your Hubspot’s account with Elementor From. Create Contacts and Objects, associate objects and update datas avoiding duplicates.

e-Addons Hubspot is the only one solution that enable you to connect Hubspot and Elementor.

100% Hubspot Compatible

Integration build using Hubspot API v3 Endpoints.

Native Elementor Widgets

Works with e-Addons core module and Elementor Pro Forms.

Unique Integration

e-Addons Hubspot is the only one integration that handle: Objects, Custom Objects, Properties and Associations.


e-Cart-Checkout is the ultimate solution born to create easy and fast Purchase funnel. An all-in-one Widget that includes fully working WooCommerce Cart and Checkout phases.

The refresh era is gone thanks to a brand new custom Javascript Library created to connect Elementor and WooCommerce like never before.

Deep Integration

Powerfull API integration used to connect your hubspot with elementor. Plus a easy-to-use admin only frontend logger.


Objects and Properties

Enable up-to 3 Objects and associate it. Retrieve your Objects and Properties directly from Hubspot in just one click.



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Complete Control

Search duplicate, map fields, get complete control over each field return format.

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Forget Annoing Shortcodes

Forget use of annoing shortcodes to retrieve fields value. Easy select fields and retrieve [name] and (field_type) without navigating between form sections.