e-Addons Commerce Suite
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The all-in-one solution to boost your e-Commerce Revenue and User Experience.

e-Addons Commcere suite let you create easy and efficient purchase funnels using asyncronous Elementor Widgets like:

  • Ajax Off Canvas Cart and Checkout 
  • Ajax Add To Cart Button
  • Ajax Archive Terms Filter
  • Fast User-Reviews
  • and many more…

100% WooCommerce Compatible

All the widgets are fully compatible with WooCommerce Plugin.

Native Elementor Widgets

Highly customizable widgets ready to be used into your Elementor Templates.

Make Your Shop Asyncronous

All the Widgets's Components are dinamically Updated using AJAX. Say Good-Bye to Page Reloading.


e-Cart-Checkout is the ultimate solution born to create easy and fast Purchase funnel. An all-in-one Widget that includes fully working WooCommerce Cart and Checkout phases.

The refresh era is gone thanks to a brand new custom Javascript Library created to connect Elementor and WooCommerce like never before.

The Cart

First step of e-Cart-Out is related to the Cart. Customers can easly access their cart and add and remove products, change quantity, apply or remove coupon and see subtotal and total prices.


Checkout Form

In the Checkout Form Step, customers can add their personal informations and the proced to shipping and payment.
For support Success or Error Highlighting based on real time Fields validity.




Order Review & Shipping

Clean and multi-functionality Order Review phase, let customers easly know the products selected, subtotal price, shipping choises and Total.


Payment Methods

By default e-Cart-Out support all WooCommerce Enabled Payment Gateway, if everything is ok in the Checkout form, customer can finally Place Order. And remember, no one page reload once Place Order button is Clicked.


e-Addons Commerce Plus Widgets